Into the Tempest

Hary and Phil first started to play together in September 2009. A few months later, about March 2010, Fabio joined them. From now on they searched for a rehearsal room. In September 2010 they became acquainted with the local band „T.B.C. – What?“ and started to play some covers in their rehearsal room.

It took more than a year of searching to find a drummer for their constellation. In October 2011 a friend of Phil told him that she would know a drummer. On the same day Zottl came around to meet Fabio, Hary and Phil for the first time. He was the perfect match for their group.


It took about 3 weeks of practicing and Zottl decided to join the band officially. From then on they started to write some songs and finally found another rehearsal room for themselves.


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